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Friday, April 6, 2012

Full Size Metal Bed Frame

{Gray Head Board & Foot Board}
Head board and foot board only. Attaches to a basic bed frame.

And since we're there - here's a fun wide shot of our recently redone master bedroom! :)

Tiny Treasures!

Some of our "Tiny Treasures"!


 {Numbered Canister Set}
$22.00 (SOLD)

 {Re-purposed Cheese Cloche} 
$12.00 (SOLD)

{Coaster Set}
These are a personal favorite and I love them! They are functional yet fun and stylish.

{Salt and Pepper Shaker Set}
Cooking and eating just got a "tiny" bit more fun!
A variety of colors, shapes and sizes are available. 

 {Re-purposed Tiered Stand}
This stand is made from candle sticks and pie tins.[Fun ideas] for use include cupcake holder, jewelry display and craft supply catch-all.

Spring Mantel

{Spring Mantel}

{Other Spring Decor}

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hello friends,

Recently, we have had a lot of out of town folks and other people contact us.  How did they find us? Through this little old bloggy blog!  We are frequently asked what other products we have available and if we have a brick-and-mortar "store".

Well, we have SO many items which are unique and thus, constantly changing those listings on this little ol' blog would be an impossible task. I truly wish I was better at this blogging thing and that I could keep up! 

That said, in addition to annual shows that we host in Jerome, Idaho and are a part of at the Idaho Falls (Bonneville) show we are happy to announce that we are making room for a "shop".  It will be set up in my home and anyone is welcome to come take a look (by appointment, of course)!  I'm hoping to have all the details finished and be a tad bit more official within the next two weeks. 

Of course, we will continue to list items on the blog as often as possible.  The idea being that hopefully our blog pictures will give you an idea of the type of items we have for sale. We hope you are looking forward to our upcoming show this spring because we are!  We are still working on nailing down a date but most likely in May.

Thank you so much for your continued support and for our new found friends.


Dresser Re-DO!

Just wanted to share with you one of my recent projects- it turned out just how I had imagined it! When it was finished I just KNEW this was one I had to hold onto! Plus, it was just the storage we needed. It has opened up many possibilities for future projects. My brain wheels are turning, for sure!

I searched high and low to find file labels! It was also difficult trying to find them for a good price with 12 drawers to label with the addition of the pulls. I didn't want to pay more for hardware than I did the dresser- Hah! However, I knew the look I was going for - so the search continued. Finally, I found a great deal on eBay. The color wasn't quite what I wanted, so I did what I do best and spray-painted them with a lovely silver paint. For the labels I cut up old dictionary pages and antiqued them with coffee grounds...

The dresser seemed like it was still missing something so I painted the top a light gray.  Nice, huh?

What do you think? I am a sucker for anything with a labels on it! I'm preeeeetty sure there will be more in the future... so keep an eye out! 

"Bottle Caddy" - I just had to share this super fun find from TJ Max! :)

 Before picture -  not really much to get excited about. :) Just a boring, "flat" front dresser with NO personality.