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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fresh From The Farm: Chippy Doors!

Vintage Blue Memo Door
Chalk board/chicken-wire

Dimensions: 80" tall x 32" wide 

A great way to start your "command central" for the family. Old farm door turned creative pinboard... chalkboard and chicken wire, useful for "pinning" your pictures or even a note from your "honey"!


Cream Perfectly Chippy Door
Dimensions: 80" tall x 32" wide

$58.00 SOLD

A few more Chippy Old Doors

Pale Pink Door

Dimensions: 80" tall x 32" wide

Who would NOT want a vintage pink Door? :)
This could be the perfect touch for an expecting mommy's new nursery! A craft room would sparkle with this addition. Also, the intact, vintage glass is just perfect for writing notes with a dry erase marker! 

Pale Pink Paneled Door/ Pale Blue-Green Door

Dimensions: 80" tall x 32" wide

The color of each of these could not be more perfect! Yay, one more pink door! I could definitely see one of these turned on it's side and, OH MY, what a perfect head board it would make... 

$58.00 Each

Here's Asher, my little helper! He decided to jump in and say, "I wanna say cheese, mom!"